Mighty Jump is an emergency jump-starter that allows you to jump-start a vehicle without leaving the driver's seat. When the Mighty Jump is plugged into the dashboard cigarette lighter it transfers power from itself to the car battery, using the internal wiring of the vehicle.
2011-11-12 13:10
Jet Fryer is not just a fryer. It’s a new cooking system based on hot-air circulation technology.
2011-11-10 17:10
The Zmart Switch operates using infrared light, the same as most television remote controls- simply point and press.  The remote control allows you to control lights from your bed, armchair, desk, etc. and the override button lets the Zmart Switch be used as a normal switch.
2011-11-10 17:10
"Your own personal popcorn maker is the healthy alternative to those greasy and expensive microwave popcorn bags.
2011-11-09 22:50
The Pearl Hair Remover answers the demand for easy, safe, and painless hair removal at home. By utilizing revolutionary technolgy to remove unwanted hair from the body, the Pearl Hair Remover truly eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, sticky messes, and expensive office visits.
2011-10-27 18:00
Interactive Plush Pals are the must have mobile phone/MP3 accessory. Hilarious fun for adults and children, you will never tire of Patch the Dog, Manny the Monkey, or Freddy the Frog!
2011-11-07 12:30
Smart Touch Can Opener is the easiest way to open a can, bottle and jar without any mess.
2011-11-06 16:30
The Grab-It! Universal Mount attaches to almost any smooth surface and grips almost any device with a few simple pumps of its state-of-the-art ForceLock Valves.
2011-11-03 11:40
The Life Juicer produces more juice and retains up to 60% more vitamins than ordinary juicers.
2011-10-30 14:00
Fruiti Freeze instantly churns frozen fruits and other toppings into a healthy soft serve treat. Works great on all frozen fruits including berries, mangoes, cantaloupes, bananas, peaches, and more. Enjoy soft serve-like treats anytime of the day.
2011-10-27 17:00
Pedi Spa home Pedicure System gives you a professional at home pedicure.
2011-10-25 00:00
Shape Changers powernet technology offers unique and distinctive advantages over other fabrics. Powernet fabrics are high compression fabrics that will not lose their physical properties when machine washed and dried.
2010-12-29 06:00
Hair thickening Keratin fibers will make fine or thinning hair thicker or fuller in 30 seconds.
2010-11-25 19:15
The LED Blow Lamp is a lamp you can blow to turn off or on.
2010-11-25 19:15
By combining two proven pest control systems, electromagnetic interference and ultrasonic sound, Viatek Dual Pest Control pest repeller provides the most complete and powerful protection available on the market today.
2011-11-06 16:30
Firemen's Hose Nozzles are modeled after hoses used by professional firefighters and can deliver everything from a fine mist to a powerful stream.
2011-11-06 16:30